Never before a brand name, meant so much to you

Four fish as we say…fine.
Only the best has the name FourFish. The most exquisite fish and seafood with all their natural flavor and unique spiciness, every day at your table in a wide variety to have the
facility and flexibility of your choices.

Four fish as we say… fresh, frozen.

The fish from the best fishing grounds of the world at their best time. Once they caught, they are immediately frozen on board and come fresh to you, with all their nutrients and high nutritional value.

Four fish as we say… fish.

In any language you may speak, it is certain that with FourFish you will re-evaluate and love the fish as much as we do. And all these, are not only in our philosophy, but also in our everyday life and further in the relationship we build and maintain through our cooperation with you.

Fresh caught & Fresh frozen

At FourFish, we know the values ​​of fresh frozen very well and invest in it, without letting a minute go wasted. Because when it concerns the freshness of the fish, every minute counts. That’s why at FourFish we always ensure that the fish is fresh frozen, be frozen at the time it’s caught, on the ship, at the moment it’s fresh, to reach you at its most natural and enjoyable time, not just equal but perhaps better than the fresh-cut fresh. At FourFish we know the fish well and you at your turn, you know what you choose.